Expanding to new markets is exciting but also demanding. The whole process is rather a big experiment, but there are certain things that you can plan and research before launching a new market expansion.

Zuzana Zamborska has been expanding SaaS, Fintech, and service companies to new markets for the past 8 years. She has been leading the business development of Czech and Slovak companies to the CEE and EU region, later also to the US.

After years of experience, she concluded that there is no pattern of expanding various verticals to different markets. …


Some time ago we got to a point with our team where we felt the urge to rebrand ourselves. We started as a geeky design and prototyping studio, following the traditional steps of an agency-like business, with the most ridiculous name Status Quack. (Yeah, do not say anything.) Feeling that the agency business as we knew it was kinda falling apart and not really working for us. We needed to change, grow up and reflect on who we become and how we want to move forward.

It has been more than a year since we decided to rebrand into Kilta…

We are happy to share with the world our Code of Conduct. We find it tremendously important to have this out not only for the public but also for us. To have a constant reminder of what we stand for, what we value, and when lost, why we do what we do.

Hopefully, we will spark a conversation amongst those who have put together theirs or are thinking to create one. We had some cool discussions in Kilta when launching the platform, so we are happy to exchange thoughts in the comments below.

Kilta principles

Hello and welcome to Kilta.

Without you…


We are all about tech guilts of the 21st century and the challenges of remote work for tech designers.

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